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Please get your christmas orders in before 14th October


Ordering your unique horsehair jewellery could not be simpler:

For RINGS, PENDANTS, EARRINGS, KEYRINGS, STOCKPINS and BROOCHES  please either select directly from the finished items gallery and add a note as to whether you are sending your own horses hair or require stock hair.
You can add gemstones by selecting the plain ring or other item and then choosing your stones from the stones gallery.
Or you can email me to discuss any variation in design.
All my rings are made to measure, I send out a ring sizer when an order is placed for a ring to ensure accurate sizing.
EITHER select directly from the corresponding gallery and add to basket with a note to say whether you are sending hair or require stock hair.
1) Choose your braid style from the braid styles page including whether bracelet, necklace or choker ,  and add to basket.
   2) Choose your end caps from the end caps page and add to basket.
3) Choose your clasp from the clasps page and add to basket.
4) Choose any beads/charms/bails from the beads/charm pages and add to basket.

5) Payment can then be made via Paypal or credit/debit card at the checkout.
6) measure your wrist for bracelets or your neck for chokers
7) Brush and cut the appropriate length and thickness of hair from your horses tail according to which item of jewellery you require.
8) band the hair at one end,and wash with a standard shampoo ( no conditioner)
Allow to fully air dry, place in a  bag with your name on inside an envelope and post to me at:

Sarah Fox
Direct Transport ( Seabird LTD)
Harewood Farm
London Road
Andover Down

This is a courier service that leaves the UK every Friday for Portugal and is a safer way to send than our postal service.
If your horse has passed on please do NOT send all the hair you have, it is very rare but not impossible that it gets lost in the postal system so if it is irreplaceable its always best to keep some back.

For anybody sending from outside the EU please do NOT put a value on it as you will be charged a customs fee and it will also be likely to cause delays.

Include your full name, address, email , order number and wrist, bangle or neck measurement.

For custom made end caps, charms, pendants and keyrings simply add to basket the style that you want and email me a profile photograph to create the design from.
For bracelets and necklaces with one shorter section and an extension chain:
Order as normal but add an extension chain to your order from the charms gallery and add a note to your order.

Minimum Hair Length

As long as possible is always best as it makes braiding easier.

Bracelets require about a fingers thickness of hair 12" ( 30cm) long.
16 weave Spiral braid requires 26" (65cm) long.
Unless you select wire in the braid in which case 12" will be ok.
 Choker necklaces require 28" (70cm) 
Or can be made in 2 sections of 15" (38cm) each.
 Necklaces require 32" (80cm) for 18" length.
Or can be made in 2 sections of 17" (42cm)each.
For shorter lengths of hair bracelets can be made with a short section of hair on a chain or 2 short sections.
Pendants and brooches require 8" (20cm)
Rings and stock pins require 6" ( 15cm)
Also resin items can be made incorporating short hairs/animal fur or cremation ashes.
Please note these are minimum lengths, the longer the better for braiding.

Many of the charms and end caps are unique and thus will change regularly.

Please email me via the contact form to discuss your requirements.
Payment can be made via Paypal or credit/debit card.