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I wish this website had a 'feedback' facility but unfortunately not so on this page I will post a collection of customer comments that I have received by email.
*update* you can now find direct customer feedback on my Etsy shop:
( you will need to copy and paste the link)

Curtis, UK:
"It looks amazing ! it's exactly how I pictured it to look you've caught the sentimental value perfectly I can safely say you'll have more business from me in the near future
I can't thank-you enough"

Lindsay, UK:
I just wanted to say that we got the bracelet and it is great, thank you very much.
My friend will love it :)

Nikki, UK:
just to let you know my bracelet arrived today. It is really lovely and just what I wanted as a keepsake of my three super horses and will be much treasured.Thank you very much.
I will show it to all my horsey friends and recommend you to them if they want to have something made.
It has been a pleasure to have done business with you.

Beth, UK
( a gift for a friend)
"Hi, she said it's to precious to wear, she loved it"

Josephine, Tasmania
She arrived this morning.
I have never seen such a precious thing....
Such gentleness is coming from the necklace.
I can't thank you enough
I can't stop looking at her.
No words can express how I feel,
You must be such a lovely person  to create such a beautiful thing xxxx

Josephine, Spain
"I raised my beautiful PRE mare Quijotita from a foal. She was noble and gentle, and she was my friend. I knew her character and I knew her quirks; and above all I knew her heart. 
I lost her to a colic, and was left with an emptiness.
Sarah had never met Quijotita, but when I sent a photo and my thoughts, she painted a picture that captured the multitude of qualities in one perfect moment. The beauty, the poise, and the heart shine through, and the Quijotita I knew remains with me."

Sara-Jane, UK
Hi my bracelet has  just arrived and its fantastic I am thrilled with it - you are so  clever and I cannot wait to show it to my friends who I am sure will want one made themselves!

Mitra, UK
My wonderful mare, Dancer, lived out her last happy years with Sarah.When she passed away last year Sarah made me a bracelet which I wear all the time. It is absolutely stunning, and it keeps my beloved mare close to me always.
Sarahs talents are manifold and her creativity never fails to astound me. I am lucky enough to have two of her stunning paintings which have pride of place in my house and in my heart.

Jan, UK
Sarah, you are brilliant! I love it and think you've done such an amazing job, particularly considering the tiny amount if hair and the bloody awkward customer you had to work with!

I'm so happy to have a part of Queca close to me and thrilled with it as a piece of jewellery in its own right.

I'm guessing that a lot of jewellers would have said it wasn't enough hair and refused the job. I'm in awe of your rise to the challenge and your accommodation of my many tweaks during our creative process  and beyond delighted with the result.

Thank you with all my heart.

Yvonne, UK
Hi Sarah,
The pendant arrived safely this morning, it's gorgeous, thank you so much, my daughter is going to carry it in her wedding bouquet so her pony can still be part of her special day even though he is no longer with us.  You do a fantastic job.

Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet, it is stunning. I will be showing it off to ALL my horsey friends and tell them all what a fantastic service you provide.

Thank you again for all your help and advice at each stage of my purchase. 

The woodland ring speaks to the earthy reality of the natural world, the paths that my horse, Max, and I walk side by side under cover of branch and leaf.
It also honours the more ethereal space and time that we share, the world of old gods, faerie,imagination,and enchantment.It is ancient and new,sense and sensibility,strength and grace,created with such artistry,sensitivity,understanding and incredible talent.
You have taken the heart,spirit and reality of Max and me and created our song in this beautiful ring;the poem I wear on my left thumb.

Thank you, Sarah

Lisa, UK
For my mumís birthday this year we tried to come up with something special because it was a big birthday (21 obviously). Hanging in our study we have a photo of my mum out of focus behind a beautiful deep-red orchid. This orchid was bred by my granddad, won a horticultural prize, and was named after my Mum, so for her birthday I wanted to find a jewellery designer who could design a piece based on this orchid.
After an exhaustive search of the internet and a misguided and failed attempt at a 3D printing design I found the website of Sarah Fox, a silversmith who specialises in designing silver pendants from photos. Whilst her normal subjects are animals, particularly horses, I emailed Sarah to ask if she would be kind enough to help me with my project.
I honestly could not have asked for more, as well as being a talented designer and silversmith Sarah was wonderfully accommodating. She walked me through the whole process, consulting me at every step to make sure I ended up with a piece that my Mum would love and managed the whole process at lightning-quick speed to make sure that we had the pendant in time for Mumís birthday.

Thank you so much for all your help Sarah, the pendant is, unique, beautiful and very personal for us.