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Sterling silver 'Tilikum' pendant £65
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Sterling silver handcrafted 'Tilikum ' pendant.
Approx 35mm and 12 grammes of silver.
You can choose a different message if you wish.
20% of profits goes to the orca charities for their invaluable work towards ending the torment of orcas and dolphins kept in captivity for human amusement.
Quote Orca originals : "Tilikum - a captive orca, whose sad life has been documented in the BAFTA nominated film 'Blackfish'. He was involved in the deaths of three individuals, including a highly experienced trainer. Blackfish is a groundbreaking, informative and heartbreaking film that clearly reveals the devastating consequences of keeping such intelligent and sentient creatures in captivity."

More info on Orca originals site:
Price: 65.00

Also available as a totally custom design with your own choice of orca and message.
Price: 85.00

Also available in 9ct yellow or rose gold
Price: 330.00