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Here you will find designs made from horse teeth, click on any image to enlarge, get further information/order.

Heart carved from your own horses tooth and set into 9ct gold FROM £330

Heart carved from your horses tooth and set into sterling silver £108

Gold initial and blue diamond on reverse of heart tooth pendant extra £108

Horse head carved from your OWN horses tooth and set in silver £156

Sterling silver twig ring with horsehair braid and TOOTH 'stone' £250

Letter stamping/engraving available Upper or lower case £6/£45

Heart carved from your horses tooth and set into silver with diamond £185-gold available

Sliced and shaped horse teeth in a sterling silver bezel £108

Sliced horse tooth set into a sterling silver bezel £78

Barehoof carving from a horses baby tooth encased in sterling silver £125-gold available

TOOTH ring in sterling silver £180- gold available

Sterling silver double braid with tooth stone £211-gold available