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Welcome to the keyring gallery.
Beautiful handcrafted keyrings in sterling silver and 9ct gold.
ANY of my pendants can be purchased as a keyring simply by adding the keyring blank to your pendant order.
Please click on any image to enlarge and get further information/purchase.

Hallmarking £42

Letter stamping/engraving available Upper or lower case £6/£45

Sterling silver CUSTOM made keyring £192 from your OWN photo-gold available

Sterling silver and horsehair braid keyring with custom horse head £125-gold available

Sterling silver keyring with inlaid horsehair braid £102

Sterling silver keyring with custom horse and braid £90

Sterling silver heart pendant with inset horsehair braid £141-gold available

Hand carved labradorite pendant set in silver - custom made from your OWN photo - £180-

Sterling silver horsehair tassel charm £20

Large oblong resin/sterling silver keyring with lettering and dog fur £55

Sterling silver keying blank £24

9ct gold keyring blank £130

Sterling silver CUSTOM made keyring from your OWN photo £272-gold available

Sterling silver horse head braided keyring with inset garnet £108

Sterling silver bare hoof keyring 20mm -£84-gold available

Sterling silver bare hoof keyring 14mm £72-gold available

Sterling silver shod hoof keyring 20mm £102-gold available

Sterling silver custom bare hoof keyring from your OWN photos 20mm £132-gold available