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You can choose your clasp from this page.
Please click on the photos for details/pricing/to order any item.
All bracelets can be fitted with a safety chain for added security which you can find in the charms gallery 

Double horseshoe toggle clasp with farriers nail FROM £140

Sterling silver clasp with end caps for flat and heart braid.£40

Hallmarking £42

Handcrafted leaf toggle clasp in 9ct yellow or rose gold £414

9ct rose gold toggle clasp £54- yellow gold available

9ct gold or sterling silver horseshoe name toggle clasp FROM £72

Name toggle clasp in sterling silver or 9ct gold FROM £60

Sterling silver round name toggle clasp with turquoise in 9ct gold £134- gold available

Horse head in heart toggle with diamonds 9ct gold £787/silver £312

Sterling silver kissing horses in heart toggle clasp £140-gold available

9ct gold horse head in heart toggle clasp £428- silver is £82

Letter stamping/engraving available Upper or lower case £6/£45

sterling silver 7mm spring clasp 7mm £3

Sterling silver large lobster clasp £7

Sterling silver lobster clasp 11mm £4

Sterling silver infinity clasp £14

Sterling silver twisted toggle clasp £8

Sterling silver 15mm toggle clasp £8

Sterling silver heart toggle clasp £9 *Discontinued*

Sterling silver heart toggle clasp £9

Sterling silver hammered toggle clasp £10

Sterling silver leaf toggle clasp £12

Sterling silver wave toggle clasp £13

Sterling silver rustic heart toggle clasp £12

Sterling silver large leaf toggle clasp £48

sterling silver scroll toggle clasp £12

Sterling silver and Iolite S hook clasp £32

Sterling silver box clasp with faceted peridot 24mm £18

Sterling silver box clasp with faceted amethyst 24mm £18

Sterling silver box clasp with rainbow topaz 24mm £18

Sterling silver amethyst clasp £13

sterling silver S hook £7

sterling silver bayonet clasp 5mm £9

9ct red gold lobster clasp 11mm £16

9ct gold lobster clasp £16

Solid bronze wild horse bracelet link 38mm by 7mm £18

Solid bronze hearts toggle clasp 20mm £12

Solid copper toggle clasp £2

copper clasp £2

Solid copper banded toggle clasp £2.50